Ross, Hugh

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Hugh Ross

Excerpt from the Official History of the NWT&Y RS

- Early in August (1943) SM "Nash" Neary, QMS "Happy" Mitchell and SSgt. Ross, who was to be NCO IC Station, arrived in Grande Prairie and commenced the necessary work. Late in August a circuit was set up with Edmonton Radio Station using an M 15 transmitter and Hammarlund 120 receiver in order to keep in close touch with HQ during the various phases of installation.

- Also in June 1951, the System lost four prominent personnel, well known throughout the Signal Corps, when their applications for commissions were accepted. Selected for a Classified Commission was WO 1 Hugh Ross, formerly an operator at Fort Norman in the 1930s, IC McMurray in the 1940s and IC Yellowknife at the time of selection. … They would be sorely missed and were but the first of many to depart the System in the next few years to become officers.

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