Griswold, Aubrey Lysle

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Aubrey Lysle Griswold
16 April 1900 – 15 April 1994
Dgc-aubrey griswold-s.jpg
Nickname Gris
Place of birth Shaw Island, Washington
Place of death Calgary Alberta
Aubrey Lysle Griswold (16 April 1900 - 15 April 1994) was born in Washington State to Mildred Minnie McDowell, age 20, and Henry Milroy AKA Roy Griswold, age 26.

He came with his family to Canada in 1907 or 1908 and settled in Vancouver British Columbia.

He joined the Canadian Signal Corps in 1920 and served extensively in the Northwest Territories and Yukon Radio System.

He married Nona Juanita Smith in Regina, Saskatchewan, on September 19, 1926.

He died on 15 April 1994 in Calgary Alberta.

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