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Switchboards were necessary to link together various field phones and remote control units into a network. Drawing on the civilian example, switchboards were developed for military use.

Signal Training (All Arms) 1932 - Plate 3 (detail).jpg Buzzer Switch 4+3
Signal Training (All Arms) 1932 - Plate 5.jpg Buzzer Switch 7+3
Signal Training Part II (Provisional), Methods of Intercommunication (Other than Visual) Employed in Forward Areas, 1921 - Figure 26.jpg Magneto Switch Unit, 5 Line
Signal Training Volume III, Pamphlet No. 4, Switchboard Field 10 Line Mark 236, 1929 - Figure 1.jpg Switchboard Field 10 Line Mark 236
Equipment telephone fandf.jpg Switchboard F and F
Switchboard UC 6 (front open).jpg Switchboard U.C. 6
Switchboard UC 10.jpg Switchboard U.C. 10

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