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Communications really came of age in the Great War of 1914-18. The Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF), along with their Allies, made great advances during this period with the introduction of new equipment and ideas.

This page is a portal to relevant material found on throughout this site.

History Pages

Wireless Telegraph Communications in the Canadian Corps
Notes on Communications - 1st Canadian Division - 6 March to 5 May 1917
Notes on Communications - 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade - Attack on FRESNOY - 3 May 1917
Notes on Communications - 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade - Attack on ARLEUX - 28 April 1917
Notes on Communications - 2nd Canadian Division - 1 April to 15 May 1917
Notes on Communications - 3rd Canadian Division - 9 April to 9 May 1917
Report on Conversations Picked Up by Wireless Intelligence - 2nd Canadian Division - 6 August 1917
Communications - 4th Canadian Divisional Signal Company - 7 to 14 August 1918
Wireless Communications Operations East of ARRAS - 1st Canadian Division - Aug 27 to Sept 4 1918

Unit Pages

Canadian Corps Signal Company
1st Canadian Divisional Signal Company
2nd Canadian Divisional Signal Company
3rd Canadian Divisional Signal Company
4th Canadian Divisional Signal Company
5th Canadian Divisional Signal Company
6th Canadian Divisional Signal Company

People Pages

Signals Casualties of the Great War
Honours and Awards - Great War
Colonel G.A. Cline
Brigadier P.Earnshaw
Col E. Forde
Brigadier J.E. Genet
WO(I) F.C. Heath
Lieutenant W.G. Lawson
Colonel F.A. Lister
Colonel F.G. Malloch
Lieutenant Glen Norton
Corporal John Norton
Sergeant G.J. Oliver
Lieutenant-Colonel T.E. Powers
WO(I) L.P. Reading
Lieutenant-Colonel W.A. Steel
Major T.J. Wallis
Major-General Weeks
2nd Corporal L.M. Wilde

Equipment Pages

This section contains information on Signals/Communications related equipment.

Signalling flags
Signalling telescopes
Lamp Electric Field Mark I
Lamp Electric Signalling Daylight (aka Lucas Lamp)
Lamp Signalling B (also known as the Begbie Lamp)
Louvre Shutter
Barrows Drum Universal
Tuner Short Wave Mk III
Tuner Short Wave Mk IV
Wireless Telegraph Set Forward Spark 20 watt B (also known as the Loop Set)
Wireless Telegraph Set Trench 50 watt DC (also known as a BF Set)
Wireless Telegraph Set Trench CW Mk III
Wireless Telegraph Set CW Mk I 30 watt (also known as a Woolwich Set)
Wireless Telegraph Set Trench 130 watt Wilson (also known as a Wilson Set)
Power Buzzer-Amplifier
Amplifier C Mk I
Amplifier C Mk IV
Transmitter WT No. 1 (also known as the Sterling Set or No. 1 Aircraft Transmitter Spark)
Buzzer Switch 4+3 (also known as the 4-plus-3 Buzzer Exchange)
Switchboard Field 10 Line Mark 236 (also known as the 10-line Cordless Exchange)
Cable wagon
Fullerphone Office Mark I
Fullerphone Mk III
Telephone Set D Mk III
Telephone No. 110


Photos - The Great War
Col Elroy Ford's Great War photos


The Signal Service in the European War of 1914 to 1918
Communications and British Operations on the Western Front, 1914–1918
The 50th Battalion in No Man's Land
History of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals 1903-1961
Semaphore to Satellite